• S-100 System
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  • The ONLY 2-axis portable DIY mount

    All parts can be packaged into one baggage




    S-100 is a portable and DIY solar power generation system.  You can install without any tools and easy to un-install and carry. It also is the ONLY one system that can package into one baggage with 100W panels to carry anywhere.


    The spec is as following:


           S-100 is:
    • The smallest DIY dual axis mount
    • The only portable systems with max. 100W of foldable panels
    • The only one seamless design with integrated motors inside to protect the lifetime of motors
    • West-to-East automatically rotates in the morning
    • No adverse geological limitation for system setup
    • The most easy-to-carry mounting system
    • Fitting for DC 12V/24V applications


    S-100 applications:

    • Water pumping
    • Agricultures
    • School education
    • Disaster rescue
    • Solar streetlight
    • Military
    • Camping 
    • Landscape
    • Independent off-grid system