• System Design
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    PV Panel Designs & Manufacture

    Based on the application to design a panel with right voltage output


    The existing PV panels are designed for solar farm, not for your own applications.  To enhance your systen efficiency, we can redesign the best efficienct PV panel for you. Then, manufacturing in Taiwan or China.


    Normally, for DC 12V system, the working voltage of PV panel is DC 17V

    For, DC 24V system, the working voltage of PV panel is DC 32V


    We also can provide some special PV panels to match your needs, like bi-facial panels, ultra-light weight PV panel



    For the ultra light weight panel is using 0.8mm glass. Normally, for 250W PV panel, it can reduce 50% of weight to less than 10Kg



    System Design


    We are capable of designing the whole system based on customer's requests.

    Below is the case for the Middle East area to design a system to reach the customer's requests:

    1. Portable

    2. Easy to carry

    3. Light two 5W LED light bulbs for 10 hours ( at least )

    4. USB to charge cell phone

    5. Cost consideration


    The below is our real design case for customer:


    This is a system with a 50W foldable panel, one Power Box and one DC-to-AC Inverter.  It can light those two 5W bulbs for 10.5Hrs