• 100W foldable PV Panel
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  • S-100 Foldable PV Panel

    S-100 defaultly will carry two 50W foldable PV panels.  When packaging, those two foladable panels can package withthe size 44cmX42cmX6.8cm ONLY.


    • Zolargus patented foldable PV panel
    • Two models : Normal weight (NW)and ultra light weight(ULW)
    • Normal weight use 3.2mm  glass and ultra light weight uses 0.8mm glass
    • Default panel for S-100
    • Designed for portability and higher rate of system survival.  If one panel is broken, another panels still work
    • Reduce packaged size and weight
    • Fit DC 12V/24V applications



    For the spec of this 50W foldable PV panel is as following:

    The NW, normal weight, model is :


    The ULW, ultra light weight, model is: