• Clean Water Filtering
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    No power needs for this filter!


    System introduction

    This is easy to install and low-cost water filter system.It doesn’t need any power and use gravity as power to filter out water.


    It can filter:

    • Bacteria (cholera, Shigella dysentery, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli):  > 99.99%
    • Cyst removal bacteria (including cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis):  > 99.99%
    • Turbidity removal efficiency:  > 99.69%
    • Absolute filtration rate (0.9 micron):  > 99.99%
    • 0.5 to 0.8 micron particle removal efficiency:  > 99.9%


    Certified by the American NSF42 and NSF53



    It can filter up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  After users feel the outcome flow is reduced, users can use sandpaper to wash this filter to reuse until the filter is complete broken.


    The output quality of water is able to drink directly.  However, we will suggest users to boil it out before drink.


    Lifttime :

    Doulton ceramic filter: 10,000L or 3 years


    The basic flow rate (. US GAL) :  2.0 GPH

    ( It may vary due to the height of the water container )

    Filtering part size: 15cm(L)X12cm(W)X36cm(H)