• PB-400
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  • Power Bank

    Provide You Enough Power Storage From Solar


    Power bank has more power capacity and is unable to move, since heavy.  It is designed for family with simple electrical appliances.


    Model: PB-400

    Dimension: 66c,X40cmX35cm

    Weight: 160Kg

    DC12V 400AH battery X4 (total 4.8KWH)

    Input voltage : DC 48V ~ 80V

    Recommend input voltage : DC55V~70V

    Output: DC48V

    Charge/discharge controller : yes

    Power disconnect : DC 44V ( discharge control )

    Power re-connect : DC 52V

    Good for small family daily use



                                                                     Adding one DC48V to AC110V 1KW

                                          inverter on its back