• Power Box 14/26/50
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  • Power Box


    Power box is a portable power storage and buffer to store green/solar power and stabilize current and voltage for power application/appliances





    • IP67 protection
    • Portable power storage
    • Embedded charge controller to extend the lifetime of battery
    • Connecting with S-100/M-500 for power storage
    • DC 12V storage
    • Power supply for the night time
    • Users can connect DC-AC 110V/220V to power box output to use AC appliances



    Spec :

    • Input voltage : DC 12V~55V
    • Input current : 5A/10A/20A (three models)
    • Discharge cut-off : 11.2V~11.8V ( default 11.5V) adjustable based on user’s battery
    • After discharging to cut-off voltage, power box will inactivate and recharge battery.  Once battery reaches 12.4V, power box will start discharging again
    • Configured capability : 14AH/26AH/50AH












    Charge controller LED indicators