• M-500 System
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    The ONLY DIY mount with residential and portable capability


    M-500 is compsosed by Argus tracker, M-500 dual axis mount and adjustable brackets.  It is not including PV panels, since too heavy in shipment, We allow customers to use their PV panels with the thickness between 35mm to 40mm.



    • Dual axis mount using Argus tracker
    • The only mount that can provide residential and portable PV panel setup for on-grid and off-grid system with max. 500W PV panels per unit
    • The most easy-to-carry and cost affordable mounting system
    • The only one with seamless design to integrate motors inside frame to protect the lifetime of motors




    • On-grid/Off –grid solar farm
    • Water pumping
    • Agricultures
    • School education
    • Disaster rescue
    • Solar streetlight
    • Military
    • Camping
    • Landscape
    • Independent off-grid system