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    About Zolargus

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    Zolargus Inc, was registered in California, USA on 2008 Oct, found by Pi-Fuang Chen, the CEO of Zolargus. It locates at the city of Milpitas, the center of silicon valley, California. Zolargus is the first company bridges semi-conductor and green energy to create a new vision of simplified green energy system. On 24th Sept, 2010, Zolargus Inc, ( Taiwan ) was registered on Taiwan in order to speedup the development of system integration and foundry cooperation. Currently, Zolargus Headquarter is located at Taiwan.



    Zolargus focuses on values of green energy system and applications using semi-conductor IC design to reduce system complexity and increase system functionalities.  The adding value  is PHDS :

    2.High efficiency


    Zolargus bsed on the value of PHDS to build the solutions for power generation, power storage and power applications.



    Zolargus Office :

    5F-2 No. 440, Chung-Hsiao Rd, Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

    +886-3-562-3198 (Office)

    +886-3-562-7668 (Fax)

    Sales contact : info@zolargus.com